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Ballad of 5th Marines
  A poem that Harry R Geibus wrote on the way to Okinawa.  
I believe this was a parody of Barry Sadler's hit song.
~ Marko Whiteley, India 3/5 ~

Fighting men from our land
They have shaken the devil's hand
And when they wear their battle greens
They are known as the 5th Marines

We're the men of the 5th Marines
Dirty rotten and fighting mean
From the states we came this way
Couldn't care less about the Green Beret

We stalk the paddies night and day
Don't need shutes or a green beret
Have no wings upon our chest
U.S. Marines our countrie's best

We patrol and kill V.C.
Fighting Cong to make men free
One hundred men overrun today
We saved their tail the Green Berets

I saw Marines who gave their lives
So Green Berets could tell their lies
If I should die in this far land
I hope it will be for a better man

While they jump and sing their songs
We search the fields and kill the Cong
We are the men who fight each day
Since '76 its been that way

Back at home a young wife waits
Her brave Marine has met his fate
He has died so others could live
For his land that's what he'll give

I know this song won't be a hit
But a good Marine don't give a care
And when it comes to glory and fame
We'll kick your tail and take your name