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Favorite Links
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Official Marine Corps Site

Parris Island

The Presidents Own

Marine Corps Association

Marine Corps League

Camp Pendleton

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center


Iwo Jima

Flags of our Fathers by James Bradley

U.S. Marine Raiders:

From Butte to Iwo Jima

A Forgotten World War II Hero

Navajo Code Talkers

Kilroy was here

Korean War         

40th Infantry Division War Veterans

40th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

143 Field Artillery Korean War

143 Field Artillery Korean War site,11003,711989,00.html

1-143D Field Artillery Bn -California

Korean War Veterans Association

Korean War Project Site

Marine Rifle Platoon from E-2-5, 1st Marine Division, 8/50

2nd Inf. Division, Korean War Vets

Locating Korean War Veterans

Korean War Veterans Memorial US Park Service

Korean Vets Assoc. - Canada

Novels of the Korean War

Korean War Chronology & info

Korean War Vets Nat'l Museum & Library

Roughstuff's Korean War Archive

Bob West Korean War page

The story of the Korean War Marines Experience


Operation Just Cause

POW/MIA families

Vietnam Veterans Home Page.

USMC KheSanh site

US Marines Combined Action Program (CAC/CAP) Vietnam

Third Battalion Fourth Marine

3rd Battalion1st Marines Vietnam Service 66/71 DaNang RVN

Second & Weapons Platoons, Golf 2/26 USMC Vietnam

The U21A Incident

Doc Tony Faville's website

Ajdoc's FMF Corpsman Page

USMC Combat Wife

Vietnam Picture Tour

Gulf War       

Gulf Link


The National Gulf War Resource Center

Frontline Gulf War Feature

Hoskinson's Gulf War Photo Gallery
The 1-17 FA. Bn FDC Desert Storm

Bravo one four Bravo

The Desert Rats Return

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