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Gunny Koon
Few men and even fewer Marines have had the incredible impact over a lifetime like the impact of Gunny Koon. Here's to you Gunny.

8th Bn 6th FA, Feb-Mar 1966                      155 gun at An Loc, made operation Silver City
Co E 2nd Bn 5th Marines Jan 1968            On the 5th of Feb '68 wouned and ended up at the 12 USAF Hospital in Vietnam.
Co I 3nd Bn 9th Marines 1972-73               TAD TO THE 3RD MAW AND SENT TO BIEN HOA AIR FORCE BASE IN VIET NAM IN AUG 72
Co G 2nd Bn 5th Marines 1986-
Co H&S 2nd Bn 5th Marines 1989-

Looks like he is smiling to me.

I wonder if they have any idea of who they are talking to.

Gunny's beautiful wife and LCpl. Jack Jr. (the legend lives on) Koon

Gunny Koon and I, Okinawa, Japan 1989
Lt Mike Thompson, Gunny Koon, Cpl ? NBC NCO, Capt. Rob Mclenagan
Hokaido, Japan 1989

Gunny reading, Hokaido, Japan 1989
Gunny letting loose with STA guys, S-2 Sgt. ? and Sgt. Chris Alvarez

Bn XO Maj. ? and Gunny Koon Oct 31, 1989
1986, aroung the time he returned to 2/5
2009 and still mean and lean.

E 2/5 Vietnam, Gunny is tall young Marine in the back right corner
Lt Mike Thompson, Gunny Koon, LCpl ? with kids. Hokaido, Japan 1989