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Sam I am, not
When I receive an e-mail and pic like this what else can I do. I will always remember the day when Sam came by 2/5 some 18 years ago.  
He was out of the hospital and up and about. He has come a long ways since that day. So good to see that smile on your face Sam.
Semper Fi brother.

Hi, my name is MaKayla Pesuti, I am 14 years old and the daughter of Corporal Samuel A. Pesuti. My father was in the helicopter crash in 1989. Here is a current picture of him and I. We would love to see it on the site. I think its is wonderful that you have a site that remembers all of our fallen troops that day and also the ones that survived And also my uncle is Frank Bray and he is also a survivor from the 1989 crash.
Thanks so much.